With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting communities, families, and people around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. A huge amount of information with a variety of data pours on our heads every day. How to figure out the endless stream of informational data, how to understand which data is fake, and which one can be trusted. You know that a project’s lifecycle creates a lot of data from its design to the final implementation. And you know that the data created can be and usually is used to correct, improve, and streamline the whole process during the lifecycle. So when you are able to predict the outcome, you can take the next step consciously not randomly. NAGE TIME will empower you to go a step further so that the information can inform insights to predict the output. At NAGE TIME our priority is the health and wellbeing of our subscribers. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed, learn to predict the output of your next step.
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The world is increasingly plunging into the chaos of the global financial and economic crisis. Political wars have spilled out from the shadows of ‘conspiracy theory’. Political wars are broadcasted and streamed online shamelessly by the mass media. For those who have not yet realized this is the war! A new type of war so-called hybrid war. And the purpose of hybrid war is not redistribution of markets and rather redistribution of meanings.

NAGE (New Age) TIME is the sourсe of insider information during these new times of uncertainty, the timely delivered insight, the insight for the smartest.

We see the NAGE TIME mission in creating a source of duly updated information. Our reader is free to decide whether the information is of importance or not and how to treat the information received. We do not impose our analytics to be the ultimate truth. Our opinion is exclusively an advisory point of view, our expert point of view.

Gender, race, religious, sexual, cultural, and political preferences do not matter to us. The mission of NAGE TIME is in helping people stay afloat in a vast ocean of news, expert opinions, propaganda, and informational manipulations. The information we provide will help secure the environment, health, and welfare.

NAGE TIME a non-commercial (non-profit) public organization that is aimed to unite people having access to insider information in global political life, macroeconomics, financial policy, environmental issues, etc. We gather and connect people who have access to “clean” sources of information because this information does matter to our lives both for the moment and in the future. The members of our organization work in scientific institutions, governmental and public organizations, and international agencies all over the world. NAGE (New Age) TIME is the source of insider information during these new times of uncertainty, the timely delivered insight, an insight for the smartest. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know.

The NAGE TIME informational source is created and developed on private donations. We launch crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns from time to time. With the funds raised we support different projects, and mostly the clean energy innovative technologies. We believe there will be no room for any other activity if global warming approaches the point of no return. Our planet is in a climate crisis. Humans produce too much pollution and yet do too little to slow it down. We do believe climate changes on a global scale can be stopped, and clean energy sources are the key option to solve the problem.

NAGE TIME editorial team

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