People already become so used to climate emergencies that quickly forget them. The West Coast was on fire in the late summer and early fall of 2020. Remember that? It happened in 2017 and 2018, too. Houston has experienced three floods so severe that they would previously have been considered once-in-500-years events. And now the Texas energy crisis as of February 2021.

In the southern part of the United States, where temperatures rarely drop below zero in winter, there have been abnormal frosts for a week. 34 people (20 of them in Texas) died in an accident or carbon monoxide poisoning. About 4 million people were left without water and electricity: most of the power plants in the state had to be turned off due to freezing of equipment.

Some people might blame green energy sources, as USA Today reported, Texas has emerged in recent years as not just a national but a global leader in building renewable energy. Leading energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie called the state “center of the global corporate renewable energy market”. But look at these numbers, wind generates only 20% of total electricity in Texas, whereas natural gas supplies 47.4%, coal supplies 20.3%, and solar supplies 1.1%. Yes, wind turbines in Texas did have to be shut down due to lower temperatures, but renewables provide only 21% of the state’s total energy supply. Utility executives say it was the interruption in the operation of gas stations and nuclear power plants that caused power outages.

Meantime, the wholesale distribution company Griddy, the Daily Beast reported, has already slapped its ratepayers with bills as high as $8,162.73 for the month. Guess, who is going to pay for the failure? Surely, the ratepayers will pay the bills.

No doubt, the recent Texas crisis reveals clearly something is going wrong with all of the existent power and energy supply sources. The entire system failed. So, the solution should be complex.


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NAGE TIME editorial

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