April 13, 2021,  the total cryptocurrency capitalization reached $ 2 trillion and continues to grow!

Let’s talk about the further development of the situation.

Cryptocurrencies are currently an unsecured financial pyramid.

It must maintain the current rate of growth in order not to collapse. Otherwise, the participants in the pyramid will begin to withdraw funds for personal needs.

Mid-December – the volume of the pyramid is 500 billion.

February 1 – $ 1 Trillion

Mid-April – 2 trillion.

Doubling every 2.5 months. Let’s continue the digital series.

July 1 – $ 4 trillion.

September 15 – $ 8 trillion.

December 1 – $ 16 trillion.

February 15 – $ 32 trillion.

The American GDP is about $ 20 trillion, the capitalization of the American stock market is about $ 40 trillion.

Если эти показатели должны быть равны, то американский фондовый пузырь – около 20 триллионов.

Я не сомневаюсь , что биткоин и еще ряд основных криптовалют – продукт банковской системы, созданный для ее спасения.

Пи этом нужно понимать , что сейчас в мире 2 криптовалютных контура. Азиатский, представленный криптобиржей Бинанс. И американский. Т.е. действующий в рамках американского законодательства. Это такие биржи как Coinbase .Официально американских граждан вроде как не пускают в азиатский, а , например, русских не очень охотно пускают в американский контур.

Disadvantages of Coinbase: frequent account blocking without explanation and the ability to get a response from the support service, privacy breaches and inaccessibility for residents of a number of “rogue” countries.

Several major cryptocurrencies are traded in the US circuit. In Asia, there is now something about 970-1000 currencies. Virtually all waste is collected in Asia.

Therefore, on day X, Asia will first begin to collapse, and then … but the American circuit can resist. But at the same time, several trillions of money printed by banks will collapse in the world.

Moreover, against the background of the depreciation of the crypto-mass garbage, the cue ball, and others, supported by teslas and pipes, cryptocurrencies can jump in price.

And if, before the bubble collapse process, try to drive there more hamsters from the stock exchanges. And primarily from the markets of developing countries.

Right now, the Americans, for example, are clearly “drying up” our stock market with their threats.

Similar financial measures can be applied to other countries. Covid, the threat of sanctions, etc.

Nobody canceled the administrative measures from the banksters clique.

Well. We are waiting for the end of the year. It seems to me that this is exactly the time when we will see everything with our own eyes.

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