Due to abnormally cold weather (about 10 ° C) and related energy supply problems, spot electricity prices in Texas have risen a hundredfold and almost reached the ceiling set after the previous crisis of US $ 2,000 per megawatt-hour.

Network operator ERCOT (Texas Electricity Safety Council) has declared an emergency and called on users to save energy. According to the operator, rolling shutdowns are not planned yet.

Fortunately, according to ERCOT vice president Woody Rickerson, this cold snap will be significantly shorter than February.

Excessive enthusiasm for “green energy” can do more harm than good.
Obviously, the alternative “green energy” technologies adopted as a basis are not able to fully replace fossil fuels. And they never can.
The only reasonable way out of the ecological and energy impasse is NAGE-fuel technology. Alternative fuel technology that environmental activists and environmental bureaucrats of all stripes do not want to notice in principle.
Everything is very simple. Environmental and energy issues are very beneficial for both activists and bureaucrats. They pay well for empty talk. No one will give a real solution to the problem even a cent.

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