As for the collapse of the regime of the former Afghan government, it is most eloquently characterized by how Ghani run away from Afghanistan:

a part of his cash money was loaded onto four cars,

they tried to shove another part of the cash into a helicopter, but due to lack of space not everything fit, and a part of the money was abandoned on the take-off airway field.

In general, the situation is not to say that it is unexpected. Recruitment for the indigenous administration ruled by the principle “the nastier – the better” is a chronic problem in the American model of colonies management. The same way they selected the Iraqi administration from outright scum while squeezing out the authoritative and intelligent ones. As a result, they’ve got a massive beating of the Sunnis and, as a reaction to terror – the Islamic State. Eventually, Iran generally seized control of the Iraqi authorities.
To sum up, the occupation is a business not for stupid, that Americans have demonstrated over and over again. And the point is not in the local personnel and those who recruit them.

Absolutely clear, managing such mud as Ghani is convenient and comfortable… Yet, every time the outcome is the same: helicopter for runaway, suitcases of money, and abandoned country.

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