It seems international recognition of the Taliban and the new Afghanistan is being probed. The UN Security Council reportedly has called for the creation of a new government in Afghanistan. The statement following the extraordinary meeting also said that neither the Taliban nor any other group in Afghanistan should support terrorists.
What is so curious about this formulation? The fact that if earlier the Taliban was called and included in various lists as a terrorist structure, now the introductory data has changed. There is a separate Taliban and there are some unnamed terrorists whom the Taliban seem to support (or perhaps they have been blamed in vain. And if so, the injustice must be corrected). And if these unknown terrorists (well, some conditional al-Qaeda) are not supported by the Taliban, then it’s ok. And in such wording, the presumption of innocence comes to mind very quickly “innocent, unless otherwise proven”. No evidence of support? Hence, it does not support.
Everything is simple and very fast. If yesterday the recognition of the Taliban looked fantastic, today everything changes diametrically. Pragmatism is our everything.
Kremlin officials are strenuously demonstrating friendliness, rewarding the Taliban with a variety of flattering titles and definitions. Chinese are saying that they are immensely happy about the end of the war and the establishment of a capable government. There are even reports (unconfirmed) that Saudi Arabia has already made an act of recognizing the Taliban (!!!! usually the government is recognized, but there is no government yet!!!).
In any case, the Taliban is victorious. Moreover, the victorious is subjective (a self-determining identity, autonomous formation) not attached to any global or regional group. This fact forces launching the fight for it.
Introductory changed

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