Notwithstanding global lockdowns related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2020 was the highest on record. Scientific data reveals that CO2 concentrations have continued to rise in 2020 reaching an unprecedented global maximum. Every satellite measurement reflected global warming, changing world.
• The Arctic amplification phenomenon is driving further sea ice loss
• Ice sheet melt and sea-level rise
• More intense Arctic fire seasons
• Permafrost melt

So, what’re we waiting for? Each day our planet steps closer to the global climate crisis. A crisis, compared to which, the COVID-19 pandemic is an ordinary flu.
There is only one way to combat CO2 emission and stop global warming, the total rejection from the usage of fossil fuels. One may ask how can we reject fossil fuels when we are totally dependent on them? True, but it is also true that our civilization is not able to survive in the natural environment, whereas the environment is no longer able to stand the civilization’s impact.
So, there is only one way out – an alternative non-fossil fuel capable of replacing fossil fuels.

We’ve got good news: an innovative technology of alternative fuel that is able to replace fossil fuels has been invented. And this invention is in need of our financial support.
The alternative non-fossil fuel is an innovative technology project that is on the stage of ARD&D (Applied Research, Development, and Demonstration).

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN NAME: NAGE-fuel technology project.
NAGE TIME is providing its ambassadorial sponsorship, by launching a crowdfunding campaign, raising money, and fostering awareness for this project.
Read more about the NAGE-fuel technology outline
Read more about NAGE-fuel technology Executive Summary

Each donator of the project, without exception, will have the opportunity to become a full-fledged shareholder of the alternative fuel project in the future.
That means your donation, in fact, is your investment in a project of considerable commercial potential.

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Your support is crucial as we compete with the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to keep the Earth tethered to climate-wrecking coal, oil, and gas. We’ve wasted much time waiting for someone else to solve the problem. The time has come for everyone who is able to impact the situation, to act. The average yearly temperature is still growing up; it means we do steadily approach the point of no return. We are to take the power and build our present, not the future. If we don’t build our present today, the future may not come.
Better days are ahead of us — but we have a lot of work to do over these crucial times. We’re grateful for the support of all people who join us in the urgent fight for a clean energy future. Thank you.


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