GOP Rep. Steube: Long-term lockdowns helped cause supply issues, this is 100% due to Democrats’ policies

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) stated that the supply chain issues are “100% the result of bad policies that the Democrats have put in place” and said that the lockdowns of major cities are part of the problem. (Article by Ian Hanchett republished from Steube said, “[Y]ou’re paying [people more] not to work than to work, you’re going to have those people in the supply chain not working. That, coupled with the fact that you’re locking down all of these big cities. These big backups of all these shipping containers are in cities and ports like LA, that were locked down for months. And now because, for so long, people could make more money not working than working, they have a hard time funding the labor for these different individuals to work in the different supply chains. And now you want to put a vaccine mandate on private companies on top of that, so people are going to not work because the companies, through the Biden administration forcing them to have vaccine mandates on their employees, it’s going to just completely exacerbate the problem. This is 100% the result of bad policies that the Democrats have put in place since Joe Biden has taken office.”


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