First shipping containers, now train cars: Union Pacific says all workers must get jabbed by Dec. 8

The latest large company to mandate that all of its employees get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus is Union Pacific, which says that workers have until Dec. 8 to comply. As if the situation at America’s ports was not already bad enough, Union Pacific has decided to make it worse by forcing the “Operation Warp Speed” jabs on its roughly 31,000 employees, who are spread across 23 states. Every employee at Union Pacific was sent an email informing them about the jabs, including where to get them and how to receive proper documentation to show the company as proof of injection. “After reviewing the White House’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Union Pacific is complying with the executive order requiring employees of federal contractors be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8,” a Union Pacific spokesperson told 6 News. “As a federal contractor who ships goods supporting our nation’s armed services, Union Pacific is fulfilling this federal requirement. All employees are required to report their vaccination status or have an approved medical or religious accommodation by the federally mandated deadline.” One of the incentives Union Pacific is offering its employees who comply is a free vacation and extra pay. Employees must get their shots outside of work hours, though, or else they are being told that they must follow standard time-off or lay-off processes.

Unvaccinated employees at Union Pacific who receive a religious or medical exemption must “mask up” as punishment

While Union Pacific has not provided any data publicly to show how many of its employees are already “fully vaccinated,” chances are the number is low if the company is resorting to this new extreme measure. The company has not yet indicated whether non-compliant employees will be terminated. However, employees always have the option to obtain a religious or medical exemption, though their punishment will be that they must still wear a mask while on the job. Unvaccinated employees with legal exemptions are also being told they must socially distance from other employees and agree to get “tested” for Chinese Germs periodically. One Union Pacific employee who spoke to 6 News on the condition of anonymity said that he is “concerned about the long-term effects” of getting jabbed, as well as “how aggressively the vaccine is being pushed out.” “I believe in maintaining autonomy over one’s own body,” this person added. With the shipping containers sitting out at sea indefinitely and now the impending threat of trains no longer running due to this latest mandate, America’s already delicate supply chain is certainly hanging by a thread. The Biden regime has made it clear that things will not get back to “normal” unless everyone complies with the fake “president’s” demands. In other words, the entire economy is being held hostage until compliance goals are met. The consequence of all this is bare shelves all across the country, which prompted the #EmptyShelvesJoe hashtag to go viral. None of this would even be happening, of course, had Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump not fast-tracked these injections into widespread use. Trump continues to go around bragging about the jabs and claiming full credit for them – his words, by the way. “I’ve learned that you cannot criticize Trump on conservative sites … even when it is a legitimate concern that he may not be all that he appears,” wrote one Natural News commenter who was able to break free from the Trump spell. “I don’t think Trump was simply duped or made a mistake (10 times over) … How can you trust a man like that either way?”


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