A drone attack and a massive missile strike on an American military base in Syria indicates the imminent flight of the United States from the region

As CNN reported, citing sources in the Pentagon, an attack was carried out on a US army military base in Syria. But not by some desperate loners with light small arms, but very high-tech ones.

Unknown persons fired rockets at the territory of a fortified camp of American troops in the Syrian city of Al-Tanf, located on highway number two connecting Damascus with neighboring Jordan, ten kilometers from the Syrian-Jordanian border.

The interesting thing in what happened is as follows. Firstly, despite the fact that the base is located on territory formally completely controlled by the Americans and belongs to the key infrastructure of the American presence in Syria, it frankly overslept the attack. Secondly, even after more than half a day, the Pentagon believed that the facility was subjected to a bombing and striking attack by Syrian aviation. Moreover, a combined one, both with bombs and missiles. Only later, they realized that the attackers simply worked from closed positions from the ground. And thirdly, albeit reluctantly, but the command of the American troops, recognized that the additional reconnaissance of the area and the correction of fire were carried out by enemy drones, none of which the garrison was able to shoot down.

This suggests a number of conclusions. The very fact of an attack on one of the key American bases on the main route linking the US expeditionary forces with the rear area in Jordan indicates a dramatically changed situation in the region. This is no longer an attempt to fire at the convoy from the neighboring dunes. The Syrian land begins to distinctly burn the boots of 900 American military personnel scattered on such bases.

Further, the nature of the attack says that special units have begun to penetrate into the area which is allegedly under strong American control. Most likely belonging to the Syrian army. And even not all of them, but those from the composition of very well-prepared parts. And not necessarily Syrian ones, it could well be some ones from the Iranian proxies, or even IRGC units, but in any case, no one else there has such a level of training and equipment.

Moreover, the Americans are clearly not ready for such changes in the nature of the war. Logically, in the new conditions, it is necessary to strengthen the ground and especially the air defense of their bases with short-range air defense systems. But that’s exactly what they can’t do right now.

Thus, it can be stated that the raid on the base in Al-Tanf was the first sign of the acceleration in the process of implementing the “Afghan” scenario in Syria. No matter what White House officials and the Pentagon press service say now about the stability of the situation and the inadmissibility of violating the truce and temporary cease-fire agreements, in reality Washington has nothing it can use to oppose what is happening.

Even if we believe the official press release of the US Department of Defence – that none of its personnel was injured as a result of the attack on the base, the increase in the number of losses as such strikes become more frequent is obviously only a matter of time. Moreover, in a very short time. And standing stubbornly in a tight square under fire, stoically overcoming losses, is not in the rules of the United States. Always before, in a similar situation, they either attacked, or, if they could not attack, they fled.

So, they can no longer attack in Syria.

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