GoFundMe goes full libtard, bans fundraising for anything the radical left opposes in move resembling digital Marxism

The vast majority of big tech firms are run by closet capitalists who like to pretend they are patriotic Americans in order to get most of us to patronize them, but the reality is, they aren’t patriots, they are adherents to a foreign political ideology and they use their wealth and power to crush opposition. We already knew platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google and others censored patriotic conservatives and blocked or banned people whose views they disagree with. Now we can add the fundraising platform GoFundMe to the list of digital Marxists. “The site once offered a neutral site for those seeking to support others with similar views or interests. The company now insists that it will only allow people to gather on the site if it believes their views are true and correct,” famed constitutionalist and law professor Jonathan Turley wrote last week on his blog. “However, it was still surprising to see the site take down a fundraising account for litigation against vaccine mandates,” he added. Turley explained that a former nurse named Jennifer Bridges was attempting to raise money to file a legal challenge to a vaccine mandate, noting that courts are often the final arbiters of what is ultimately considered or not considered “misinformation.” But she will have to find another, less popular, platform because the digital Marxists at GoFundMe won’t permit her to find a resolution to her legal question. Bridges was fired from Houston Methodist Hospital after she refused to comply with the hospital’s vaccine mandate. She had raised some $180,000 for her lawsuit before GoFundMe shut down her campaign, calling her legal complaint “misinformation.” Heidi Hagberg, a spokesperson for GoFundMe, told Business Insider in a statement that “when our team initially reviewed the fundraiser, it was within our terms of service as the funds were for legal fees to fight vaccine mandates. The fundraiser has since been updated to include misinformation which violates our terms of service.” Turley gave his legal advice: What is striking about this latest ban is that the courts are the place for such claims to be weighed in a neutral and dispassionate forum. “Misinformation” can be addressed by judges after both sides are allowed to present evidence. Bridges’ lawsuit was dismissed in June, Bridges’ attorneys appealed the decision. We should all favor such reviews. Indeed, if GoFundMe believes that Bridges is wrong, it should invite further judicial review to established a clear record on such issues. GoFundMe admits to have taken down “hundreds” of fundraisers that included statements of “misinformation related to vaccines.” Do you see what is happening? The left has embraced full-on authoritarianism over the COVID-19 pandemic and issues associated with it like lockdowns, limits on social gatherings, mask and vaccine mandates. It’s like the left is using the pandemic to further their own power and their side’s political control over the country, as though it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Notice that while there are flu vaccine mandates for some sectors of society like health care and the military, private-sector companies are embracing the vaccine mandate like bosses. And why? Because the ‘powers that be’ — the government that can regulate them out of existence — is requiring it. We’ve never seen anything quite like this. “I do not agree with the arguments against the vaccine. I and my family are vaccinated. However, I am equally concerned with avoiding the growing virus of censorship. In the last few years, we have seen an increasing call for private censorship from Democratic politicians and liberal commentators,” Turley wrote. “Faculty and editors are now actively supporting modern versions of book-burning with blacklists and bans for those with opposing political views. The most chilling aspect of this story is how many on the left applaud such censorship. A new poll shows roughly half of the public supporting not just corporate censorship but government censorship of anything deemed ‘misinformation,” he added. For those of you who thought Donald Trump was the ‘tyrant,’ here we have Turley, a self-avowed liberal Democrat, calling his own party out for practicing real tyranny. Sources include: JonathanTurley.org BusinessInsider.com Vaccines.news

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