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Coronavirus is not a simple infectious disease, it is a new generation bacteriological weapon with a mild manifestation of a damaging factor, with the masking effect of an acute respiratory illness, in fact, chemical pneumonia.
In the case of poisoning with the so-called coronavirus, the symptoms (damaging effect) largely coincide with poisoning with the war gas phosgene. This circumstance greatly changes the tactics and methods of treatment, which have nothing to do with the recommended WHO protocols. And makes vaccination even more meaningless.
Who and for what purpose unleashed an undeclared war with people around the world is a separate topic for the report. In this article, I will share with you an effective treatment protocol for COVID-19 poisoning, virtually all medicines can be bought over the counter without a prescription. Do not forget that there are also veterinary pharmacies, there are many useful things that can be useful to people. Times like these are wartime.

Many thanks to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. This man kept people’s faith in real doctors and proved to the whole world that one man, armed with truth and with God in his heart, can defeat legions of lying demons intent on destroying humanity.

Alternative treatment protocol for COVID-19

1. Ivermectin -1 tab per day – 7 days
If you have not found Ivermectin at the pharmacy, or if you have been asked for a prescription, do not be discouraged. Ivermectin can always be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. The quality is the same, no recipe is required.

2. Dimercaptopropansulfonate sodium 5% (Unithiol) – 5 mg intramuscularly. – 3 times a day for 7 days. It is an antidote for chemical poisoning, more information can be found here.
This is a prescription drug, but you can buy it without a prescription. Not strict accounting.
If you don’t find it, use everything else from the list. In any case, you will get well.

3. Inhalation with lidocaine 3 times a day – at least 3 days
If there is no lidocaine, inhale with ethyl alcohol or any other strong alcohol-containing drink of whiskey, brandy, vodka. (side effect of alcoholic intoxication, so should be used without fanaticism)

4. ACC + Glycine 1000mg 14 days
ACC and glycine are two different medicines that work together as well as an antibiotic in the treatment of pneumonia. First of all, they cleanse the bronchi and lungs from phlegm and prevent edema.

5. Zinc Sulphate. 200 mg – 14 days
It just stops the replication of the spike protein. Especially effective with Hydroxychloroquine. But even if you are not lucky enough to snatch Hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate will work for your immunity.

6. Hydroxychloroquine, 200 mg – 3 days
This is probably the best cure for COVID-19 when taken in conjunction with zinc sulfate. But, there is a problem, it was made strictly prescription, and in some countries, it was banned. If you are lucky enough to get this drug, take it for no more than 3 days, and in a dose of no more than 200 mg, since it damages the liver in large doses.

5. Vitamin C 1000 me 14 days

6. Vitamin D3 10000 me 14 days
Vitamin D3 is a very important element in the treatment. This is what makes the immune system work.

7. Sorbent -2 times a day

8. Curantyl (Dipyridamole) 75 мг. – 3-4 times a day (prevention of thrombosis) 7 days

9. Flush throat and nose with baking soda and salt or colloidal silver
A procedure that reduces the density of infectious poisoning.

10. Bifido and lactobacilli in increased doses.
Restores the natural microbiome, this is what gives us physical strength.

I wish you all the best!

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