NAGE-fuel is CO2 emission-free energy source

NAGE-fuel is alternative fuel for engines and power plants

NAGE-fuel price is twice lower then traditional fuels’ prices

We invite Investors

Raising money for NAGE-fuel project is a tough reason of self-pride for being involved in innovative technology

A huge amount of work has to be done before the NAGE-fuel is accepted by the producers, adopted by the market

Should you’ve incidentally or miraculously encountered this information, read carefully, think it over, and try to evaluate its potential. Do not pass by

Why NAGE-fuel?

The potential for NAGE-fuel is high; we are at the beginning of something extraordinary. This is the game changer.

NAGE-fuel can replace the traditional gasoline and diesel without  changing the traditional engine fueling system.

The NAGE-fuel is going to revolutionize fuel making

NAGE-fuel is the innovative technology of alternative fuel to replace gasoline and diesel

Project outline (in-brief)

The title NAGE (New Age) occurred during the time of the laboratory experiments due to the new technology of the substance synthesis it was based on. We believe that in the future the umbrella of the title “NAGE” will amalgamate all the new technologies of the new age.
As the technology is not yet patented, we will provide herein only the general information outline, just a concept of the technology. After the applied RD&D phase will be completed and the patent granted, we will be able to public more details about the technology. To be duly notified Subscribe to our newsletter.
No doubt, in the more distant future the innovative alternative sources of energy will be invented and widely implied. But, this may not happen because of climate change consequences provoked by CO2 emissions – the factor that is capable to cause an environmental catastrophe.
The task of our generation is to find alternatives to the existing technologies operating on fossil hydrocarbons.
We found the alternative – the NAGE-fuel technology.
NAGE-fuel technology is a safe, environmentally friendly technology. Our technology is entirely safe and has nothing to do with atom splitting. This technology is neither rocket science nor science fiction; nevertheless, it can change the landscape of fuel production entirely.
NAGE-fuel is the new generation of alternative fuel. NAGE-fuel is CO2 emission-free. NAGE-fuel is expected to reduce the volume of environmental pollution from CO2 harmful exhaust by at least 90%. And it won’t take decades to notice the effect of emission-free NAGE-fuel usage.
The estimated price for NAGE-fuel will be twice lower than traditional hydrocarbons’ price.
Competition in today’s global fuel market is fierce. To be on time, we are to fill our pipeline with new ideas constantly and get them to market fast. Upon launching the production, we plan NAGE-fuel technology to develop a stable marketplace in 2 years.

During laboratory tests, we came to the conclusion that besides the industrial synthesis there would be helpful to try a mobile adaptive unit for combustion engines running on gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as for domestic heating systems, every person could use in its household.

Assuming that every car owner can equip his car with a mobile NAGE-fuel synthesis unit, thus, the car can use both traditional standard fuel and NAGE-fuel, depending on the owner’s preferences and the situation.

Mobile unit for household usage greatly simplifies the market introduction of NAGE-fuel technology, since its benefits will ensure the fastest spread of mouth around the globe.

A mobile unit for the synthesis of NAGE-fuel for installation as additional equipment in autocar will have a compact size and will be placed in the trunk or in the engine compartment, depending on the brand of car and availability of free space for equipment integration.

One of the advantages of mobile unit synthesis is a significant reduction in the costs for fuel production.

Detailed information on technical characteristics for mobile NAGE-fuel synthesis unit will become public in due time after completion of tests and presentation of the commercial version of the equipment.

We understand that hydrocarbons businesses are not going to be happy with our technology announcement. This is the reason we don’t seek support from financial institutions and large corporations. Instead, we decided to make our project open for everyone wishing to take part in this undoubtedly the most daring project of the new age. Every Donator will be issued a Donation Certificate for future reimbursement and getting specials on procurement of project’ shares; for more details click here.
We live in times of big changes, challenges, and innovations. Time is of the essence, so it is critical to align our strategy with the best opportunity and thus maximize our productivity.
We underline we do not ask for donations for the project. Every donation will be reimbursed. We offer a business proposal. Let us change our world together! This project is just a small first step of our ambitious plan, of a grand plan of the rehabilitation of the ecosystem of our planet, the very first, challenging, yet, so necessary first step.
Raising money for the NAGE-fuel project is a tough reason for self-pride for being involved in unique innovative technology.
Our valued Donators are an indisputable testimony of human ability to unite its strengths in the face of danger, the testimony of the boundless, all-conquering power of the dreamers who have not lost the ability to dream and think progressively. These people are the smartest part of mankind. These people do move the world towards innovations. We hope the NAGE-fuel technology project will unite the best people of our time, people with a healthy level of determination, responsibility, and adventurism.

A huge amount of work has to be done before the NAGE-fuel project is accepted by the producers, adopted by the market, and the final consumer is able to consume the NAGE-fuel. Should you’ve incidentally or miraculously encountered this proposal, think it over, and try to evaluate its potential. Just do not pass by.
Thank you for reading the project brief outline, and see you on our team!

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NAGE-fuel crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding to fund the RD&D stage of the NAGE-fuel technology.  NAGE-fuel crowdfunding campaign is not just a collection of donations and rather an investment with highly prospective reimbursement premium. 

Want to join NAGE-fuel project?

There are two ways to do it:

There are two ways to do it

1. – As Financial Backer

2. – As Spectator

To join the NAGE-fuel project as Financial Backer a financial donation has to be made. Upon making a donation the Donation Certificate is issued and emailed to the Donator accordingly.

Complete all the fields on the page of donation order form;  in the field ‘ donation amount’ enter any amount you can afford and/or may find appropriate; this amount as well as all your personal data entered will be printed  on the front side of your Donation Certificate.

Each donation certificate is unique and is assigned a unique serial number (S/N) at its generation. Every donation certificate of NAGE-fuel technology is deemed as an official document (voucher) certifying donation to the project. Every donation to this project is projected for reimbursement. The Donation Certificate is our tool (voucher) for tracking future reimbursement of all donations received by the NAGE-fuel technology project. Also, at the stage of project Shares emission, all owners of Donation Certificates will have priority both in the procurement of the project’s Shares and for the appropriate discounts in shares prices.

Today, each donation is of help for the project; tomorrow, each Donation Certificate is the entry pass to the board of shareholders for the technology beneficiaries.

The idea of the donation is not just asking for money for the sake of help and rather for the consolidation of the resources for the development of a project of a worldwide scale and also for the benefit of the people who have sponsored it. Find out about discounts for donators on the project’s crowdfunding page.

Donators for NAGE-fuel technology are of the gold fund of mankind – people from all over the world united in the framework of the NAGE-fuel project changing the world for the better.

In order to join the NAGE-fuel technology project as a Spectator, it is necessary to get a ‘Nil Amount Donation Certificate’. To order a ‘Nil Amount Donation Certificate’ fill in the order form only the fields ‘Name’ and ‘Email address’ while leaving the field ‘donation amount’ empty. Go ahead through all the stages of the donation process except for the payment stage. So, if the donation amount field is left empty, the system will automatically generate and issue a ‘Nil Amount Donation Certificate’ and not redirect you to the PayPal payment gateway.

This type of joining the project has the only benefit – the ability to be updated about all the stages of project development, thus the ability to get the invitation to procure project shares at shares emission stage though without any discount in shares price. So, the holder of a ‘Nil Amount Donation Certificate’ will be able to procure the project’s shares only after the Financial Backer has procured the shares, and provided that the shares remain available.

Also, the holders of a ‘Nil Amount Donation Certificate’ are not permitted to participate in the corporate activities of the board of shareholders.

The idea of the Spectator option is giving access to those people who cannot at the moment donate to the project, yet wish to e able to procure technology shares at their emission in the future.  And of course, in spreading out the news about the NAGE-fuel technology project, to make the roar heard.

So, are you ready to join the project? Choose from the options below:

  • Financial Backer
  • Spectator



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