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Our Story

NAGE TIME a non-commercial (non-profit) public organization that is aimed to unite people having access to insider information in global political life, macroeconomics, financial policy, environmental issues, etc. We gather and connect people who have access to “clean” sources of information because this information does matter to our lives both for the moment and in the future. The activists of our organization work in scientific institutions, governmental and public organizations, and international agencies all over the world.

We do care about our members’ security because life doesn’t cost a thing these days, and what does cost is the information. We are proud to be connected with these people, as we are united by the one and the only aim – creating a better world. We believe the information we provide herein on this website will help people figuring out the data they get constantly from different sources, help them make their own judges, and have their own opinion. We are not an influential news agency, we are a non-profit organization, we are just revealing the real state of things.

Some of us are public officials, some of us work in governmental authorities, and we believe people deserve more and should know more about the true state of things.  To stay updated and be able to discuss the information follow us, subscribe to our newsletter, it is free and won’t ask for your real name.

What We Do

Our main task is to promptly provide our readers with information, the insider data that couldn’t be obtained from the official mass media. Everyone following our newsletter understands what it does mean. Our subscribers are like the chosen passengers of The Noah’s Ark, chosen not by their merit, and by their faith. We invite to aboard everyone able to hear our invitation.

We also provide financial, informational, and administrative support to independent scientists and researchers working on the development of innovative technologies in essential industries like energy, health, and food. We believe these are the main technological areas from which our near future will depend on. Overpopulation, global warming, pandemics, the threatening life problems only grow each year. Recently we’ve declared our motto: WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Everyone will have the opportunity to witness in less than five years this topic will become the main theme of all news media. We know what we have to do. And we do it. By providing informational sponsorship, financial support to independent scientists we do solve the problem today, because tomorrow maybe too late.

The conspiracy theory of almighty big transnational corporations controlling everything is up and running.  Independent scientist has little chance to implement his idea of a problem solution but seeling it to a big corporation.  So, the independent scientist the most vulnerable part of the scientific world. Innovational ideas and technological solutions do exist, the scientists never stop their job. So do we. And we will keep supporting every innovational project that may need our help. We invite everyone to join us.

We believe when at least 1% of all the money of the world will be spent on researches, innovative technologies support, all problems associated with climate change, food, energy shortage will be resolved.

Find more about our scope of interest in the chapter “Our Top Priorities”.

Our Top Priorities

Climate Stabilization

Innovative technologies to mitigate climate change



Renewable Energy

Innovative technologies for the production of alternative fuel and electricity

Sustainable Farming

Research and development of natural fertilizers and crop protection products

Wildlife Preservation

Innovative technologies for cleaning the ocean waters from technological waste


Cooperation with Us

If you possess access information you believe should be revealed (information that is of fundamental importance, and/or may save people’s lives) and you are ready to share it with us free of charge, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will communicate with you on a confidential basis.

Depending on the type and quality of your content, we will provide you with the opportunity to publish your information either in the freelance correspondent section or in the relevant newsletter section. All incoming information materials provided by our freelance correspondents are carefully checked for accuracy and compliance with our rules for publishing content.

To send us your application for cooperation please fill in the form below.


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