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A timely delivered insight is the key condition for making the right decision, it goes without saying.
Have you ever tried to drive your car blindfolded? No? Let’s pretend you do, how far from your garage or parking would you drive? In the rapidly changing reality, the life of uninformed people becomes as unpredictable as driving a car blindfolded.

The world is increasingly plunging into the chaos of the global financial and economic crisis. Political wars have spilled out from the shadows of ‘conspiracy theory’. Political wars are broadcasted and streamed online shamelessly by the mass media. For those who have not yet realized this is the war! A new type of war so-called hybrid war. And the purpose of hybrid war is not redistribution of markets and rather redistribution of meanings.

NAGE (New Age) TIME is the sourсe of insider information during these new times of uncertainty, the timely delivered insight, the insight for the smartest.

NAGE TIME is a spring of pure water broken through muddy soil of rapidly changing reality.



Any nation that fails to protect its CHILDREN from demonic vaccine sacrifice will suffer the wrath of God In today's Situation Update podcast (below), I share passages from the Old Testament that are highly relevant today when it comes to protecting children against being sacrificed to Satan. In Leviticus, God explains (through Moses) that not...

Decarbonization terraforming of planet Earth launched

Decarbonization terraforming of planet Earth launched - atmospheric harvesting machines in Iowa The decarbonization terraforming of planet Earth is now under way. A new project has already been launched that will install mega machines across five U.S. states to harvest "life molecules" out of the atmosphere in an effort to shut down...

The ideology of destruction and barbarism

Comments on the 10th anniversary of the end of the NATO operation in Libya and the death of its leader Muammar Gaddafi 10 years ago, direct military aggression of NATO countries took place in Libya in combination with the classic "colour revolution". As a result, the country was almost destroyed, Gaddafi's technological achievements, including...

London is preparing to use the Visegrad Group against the EU

Will Poland become the main British anti-European battering ram and a springboard for anti-Russian provocations as part of a cover-up operation? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to hold a UK–Visegrad Group summit early next year. According to the Sunday Express newspaper, this "may further increase tensions in London's relations with...

RED ALERT as America now just nine meals away from ANARCHY

RED ALERT as America now just nine meals away from ANARCHY... massive civil unrest PROVOKED on purpose Mass famine has been engineered into the coordinated takedown of the United States of America, and it's already too late to reverse it. Widespread food scarcity is already "baked in," so to speak, and now it's only a matter of time as the...

Who will benefit from the wild rise in gas prices in Europe?

Expensive oil and gas is for a long time: what is really behind the "energy transition" and the "climate agenda"? After some decrease upon the news about the start of the technological filling of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in early September, the stock quotes of gas futures in Europe again went to set one record after another. The contract for...

A diplomat instead of a child prodigy

Austrian politics was once again corrected with the help of a scandal at the highest level Formally, the current crisis in Vienna lasted no more than a weekend. On Saturday, 35-year-old Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who is called the prodigy of Austrian politics, announced his resignation amid a high-profile corruption scandal — it even came to a...

Big Estonian dreams about the “Blue Spear”

Are the new Tallinn anti-ship missiles capable of creating critical problems for the Russian Baltic Fleet? Although practical deliveries have not yet started and the parties have only signed a contract and started to implement calculations in accordance with it, nevertheless, the fact of Estonia's purchase of a batch of Blue Spear anti-ship...

Is Europe ready to get out of the custody of the United States?

What factors make Europe an economic giant and at the same time a political dwarf, and how can the EU get out of this dilemma? In order to determine to what extent Europe is able to get out of the custody of the United States and become an independent player, first of all it is necessary to clarify that we are talking about the EU in its current...

Is the US ready to go to war with China over Taiwan?

The new Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, who was elected to this post on October 4, 2021, immediately outlined his anti-Chinese position at his first press conference. He made a statement saying that he welcomes Taiwan's accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP). At the same time, Fumio...


Planetary crucifixion will lead to humanity's resurrection and unstoppable awakening Today's Situation Update podcast is, in my view, the single most important "red pill" podcast I've published this year. The discussion delves into cosmic-level awareness and awakening, covering the process of humanity being red-pilled into the new era of...

European nations BAN covid vax for younger people

Preparedness POP QUIZ, Merck busted covering up aborted human fetal cells, European nations BAN covid vax for younger people In addition to breaking news on the covid vaccine being banned in Scandinavian countries (for certain age groups), and China's warning of imminent war against the world, today's Situation Update begins with a Preparedness...


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Gender, race, religious, sexual, cultural, and political preferences do not matter to us. The mission of the NAGE TIME is in helping people stay afloat in a vast ocean of news, expert opinions, propaganda, and informational manipulations. The information we provide will help secure environment, health, and welfare.

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