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NAGE-fuel technology

NAGE-fuel technology is an innovative, alternative fuel, low-cost energy source invented recently. This project is yet on the stage of its technology research and development and needs our financial support. Donate and join the project. Yes, join, as every donation is entitled to future reimbursement. Read carefully, think it over. Just don’t pass by. This donation may become the most profitable investment in your life.

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What is NAGE TIME (a.k.a. the thing you’re reading right now)?

NAGE TIME a non-commercial (non-profit) public organization that is aimed to unite people having access to insider information in global political life, macroeconomics, financial policy, environmental issues, etc. We gather and connect people who have access to “clean” sources of information because this information does matter to our lives both for the moment and in the future. The members of our organization work in scientific institutions, governmental and public organizations, and international agencies all over the world. NAGE (New Age) TIME is the source of insider information during these new times of uncertainty, the timely delivered insight, an insight for the smartest. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know.

The NAGE TIME informational source is created and developed on private donations. We launch crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns from time to time. With the funds raised we support different projects, and mostly the clean energy innovative technologies. We believe there will be no room for any other activity if global warming approaches the point of no return. Our planet is in the climate crisis. Humans produce too much pollution and yet do too little to slow it down. We do believe climate changes on a global scale can be stopped, and clean energy sources are the key option to solve the problem.

There is plenty of open projects ready for investments as well as investors looking for projects to fund. In a long run, we plan to establish a Charity Fund for the purpose of financing clean energy technologies. As for now we welcome and would appreciate every donation.

NAGE TIME has identified the top 8 fields we believe can help reverse climate change globally (see the list below). And we shall support all of them as none of them can do it alone. We don’t make difference and support both the projects that are ready to go now and the technologies that are still in their infancy but could have an impact in the long term. We hope to see you among our valued donators.

List of innovative projects we support


Carbon Engineering

Developed unique direct air capture technology that can take carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. They’re working to build facilities that will capture one million tons of carbon dioxide per year— the equivalent of 40 million trees.


Planetary Hydrogen

Uses their innovative SEAOH2 system to produce ultra-green hydrogen while helping fight ocean acidification, and removing and sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere for 100,000 years.


NAGE-fuel technology

Uses its innovative NAGE technology for production of zero CO2 emission fuel. NAGE-fuel patent-pending technology is on the 3rd stage – applied RD&D



Permanently sequesters carbon dioxide in concrete during production while improving its strength and resource efficiency at 300 plants worldwide.



Empowers people to reverse climate change by permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air. The captured carbon dioxide can either be recycled and used as a raw material in the circular economy or permanently removed and stored underground. Climeworks’ direct air capture technology runs exclusively on green energy.


Charm Industrial

Developed a new, patent-pending method that takes atmospheric carbon dioxide stored in biomass, converts the biomass to a liquid similar to crude oil, and injects it into rock formations that have stored crude oil for hundreds of millions of years.


Running Tide

Their pilot project will grow mass amounts of sea kelp, then sink it to sequester its carbon deep in the North Atlantic ocean.


An industry-leading marketplace that has created an international standard for carbon removals, brings together suppliers of carbon net-negative technologies and buyers who purchase their verified carbon removal credits.

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