NAGE-fuel technology project

Basing on the NAGE-fuel project study and the preliminary calculations performed, we see the long-term objective of the NAGE-fuel technology in the production of eco-friendly fuel. The NAGE-fuel is zero CO2 emission, next-generation fuel, the energy source for auto-car engines, thermal and power plants.

We aim to develop commercial-scale production facilities to produce NAGE-fuel. We plan to design and build a total of 5 production facilities initially. We plan to acquire land areas in Europe for building production facilities. The estimated production capacity of a standardized production plant will be 300,000 tons of NAGE-fuel per year. Land areas with access to electric energy, water, affordable logistics, and legislative permits are the most favorable for the NAGE-fuel production facilities to be built. Several potential locations of land are being evaluated for this purpose already.

NAGE-fuel technology will not only bring to the market the CO2-neutral fuel in large volumes, but it will also consider the possibility of developing thermal power plants to produce electric power. The thermal power plants will generate electricity by the consumption of NAGE-fuel.  Every manufacturing facility will generate electric power and thus fully meet its manufacturing needs for electricity.

Additionally, as per lab assays and preliminary calculations, the electricity generated by such a manufacturing facility will exceed its own manufacturing needs. The surplus of electric power generated will be commercialized.

Another advantage of the project is the price of NAGE-fuel. It is expected the price of NAGE-fuel will be twice lower than the price of fossil fuels. Respectively it will affect the price of electricity generated by thermal power plants consuming the NAGE-fuel. The electricity price estimate is a game-changing one. Calculations of expected electricity generation volumes, as well as the price estimate, will be announced after the first production facility launches the production of NAGE-fuel.

And yet, the main goal of the NAGE-fuel technology not only sourcing the industries with low-cost fuel and also reducing the CO2 emission in the air.

In the future, the possibility of building floating manufacturing facilities also will be considered and evaluated. These evaluations will take place during the time of the first in-land manufacturing facility construction.

NAGE-fuel technology project intends to develop five production facilities in the EU by 2030 and about 250-500 facilities globally by 2045. The rate of plants’ deployment will depend on legislation requirements for non-fossil fuel.

The project is of high-profit estimates; not only NAGE-fuel and also the electricity is of high commercial potential.

The main long-term steps are:

  • arranging of financing
  • identifying suitable land locations
  • managing the permitting legislative procedures
  • handling construction of manufacturing facilities
  • managing product’s standard acceptance procedures
  • managing product marketing and commercialization

It is planned to commence the basic engineering for the first plant in Q2 2022. Also, the Final Investment Decision is estimated 12-18 months later.
The first producing site is planned to be completed and the fuel production launched during 2025.

The short-term objective is the passing successfully the patenting procedures and obtaining the patents for the NAGE-fuel technology in Europe, USA, Japan. By approaching this short-term goal we plan to approbate our technology in the conditions of industrial manufacturing facilities. So, here are the steps of the short term goal:

– to build the prototype of the industrial production unit/facility;
– to launch the production of NAGE-fuel at the prototype production unit;
– to develop the technological maps of NAGE-fuel production for both gasoline and diesel engines.

All the three steps mentioned above are the pre-requisites for Patenting phase – the 3rd stage of the technology life-cycle (applied RD&D). Upon the NAGE-fuel technology patent granted, we will publish the detailed Business Plan for the NAGE-fuel technology project. To be duly updated subscribe to our Newsletter.

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