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We, the team of like-minded people aspiring for a happy, healthy future for the generations to come, consisting of engineers, researchers, developers, computer science specialists, journalists, and entrepreneurs., have worked out several projects – all connected with environmental and climate change issues. All our projects are environmentally safe technologies and aimed at creating eco-friendly energy sources.

The environmental scientists from all over the world shout out about climate changes approaching steadily to the point of no return, they say we all are running out of time, that tomorrow may be too late. So, the time has come to apply some of our inventions to daily life. NAGE-fuel is our first project to be launched in the nearest possible future.

We anticipate that the implementation of NAGE-fuel innovative technology will become the most powerful instrument of the climate change mitigation struggle. And we hope it will become the inception for the development of the next generation of essential technologies of the kind.

So, our first innovative project to be employed is NAGE-fuel technology. We’ve decided to start with the implementation of this particular invention since we see that in current circumstances of uncertainty and big changes the environmentally friendly and low-cost energy source is the most sought-after product nowadays.

The NAGE-fuel technology passed successfully all laboratory testings. To test the NAGE-fuel properties and file our invention to patenting authorities (to obtain the patent for this technology) we need to fulfill the following tasks:

– to build the prototype of the industrial production unit/production facility;

– to produce NAGE-fuel at the prototype production unit and test the fuel qualities;

– to work out the technological maps of NAGE-fuel production for both gasoline and diesel engines.

All the three tasks mentioned above are the pre-requisites for Patenting.

For the moment our NAGE-fuel technology is in need of additional financial investments. So, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised by means of this crowdfunding are going to be used for the tasks mentioned above and also,  for the procurement of more powerful equipment for our laboratory where we execute testings of all our inventions, not only the NAGE-fuel technology.

We are grateful to all the members of our team of entrepreneurs. All researches and experimental activities performed by our team thus far would not be possible without this commercial entrepreneurship.  For the time being, the invention and the first two stages of the NAGE-fuel technology life cycle have been financed through our team entrepreneurs solely.

We believe that NAGE-fuel invention is going to revolutionize the whole future of fuel production. And we do estimate it will become the game-changer in the effort of climate change mitigation.

We invite all people who share our vision to join us.

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